Project Review – Adding WiFi to a Camp (without running a lot of wires)

baldwin-hallI volunteer time for Hartford County 4-H Camp, Inc. in Marlborough, CT ( They are switching to a more modern registration system and with that, the need for reliable (and high-speed) Internet access at the camp is becoming very important. In the past they’ve used expensive hot spot devices. This Spring we had Cable Internet installed, but that left them with a very small range of coverage for wireless access.

So, using Mesh Networking technology (Open-Mesh hardware) and a cloud-based network controller, we setup a (6) Access Point network that covers all the main buildings with 802.11ac technology, (4) SSID (wireless networks) that can be uses for Guest Access, Staff Access, Admin Access, and future Security/Devices. Basically, Guests can do their own thing, Devices like a Camera can have their own network, and Staff/Admin are also separated. Giving them complete control over the network and ensuring scalability of the network for future expansion plans.

If your business is lacking in wireless coverage or you’d like to extend service to hard to reach places, Mesh Networking is a fantastic option and very affordable. Time to implement is hours vs. days. Call Nate today @ 860-398-4605 or fill out this online form to meet for coffee (or tea!), it’s on us!

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